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ONE COMPANY - TWO OFFICES. It doesn't matter which office you call. We started in Allyn in 1962, selling Lakeland Village lots and expanded into Belfair in 2004. When you call us, telephones ring in both offices - simultaneously. This is our way to best serve the Hood Canal Community - more offices, larger staff, closer community involvement and more convenient for you.

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Belfair, WA Office

30 E Romance Hill Road

Richard Bell - Managing Broker

I was born and raised in Bremerton and spent many summers in Mason County enjoying Hood Canal, hiking the Olympics and boating on South Puget Sound. I have experienced living in California, Oregon and the East Coast but nothing compares to living and working in Mason County - it is like no other place on earth. The communities of Allyn, Belfair, Grapeview, Victor and Tahuya are friendly, semi-rural communities. My home is in LakeLand Village a lovely development in the small seaside village of Allyn. LakeLand Village is just flat out beautiful - 27 holes of golf, private lake and gorgeous homes. By the way, we do a lot of business there. Another great advantage to living here is the close proximity to the Puget Sound metropolitan cities of Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia. If you want to live and work in a stress free world, do yourself a favor and check this place out.

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   ● Cell: (360) 731-1945
   ● Email: RBell@windermere.com

Bob Flett - Broker

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   ● Bob's Cell: (360) 710-7189
   ● Email: BobFlett@windermere.com

Brian & Buff McLellan - Brokers

The Hood Canal is our LOCATION of choice. It is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest. How fortunate we are to live here. We’ve called The NORTHSHORE of Hood Canal our home for 20+ years now. Growing up as Seattle natives allowed us as kids to frequent the Olympic Peninsula and all it has to offer. My wife, Buff and I have been best friends since Jr. High and have now been married for over 43 years. We have raised our two sons with pride and now with their wives and their children, we couldn't ask for more.

In the past, my advertising business allowed me to flourish in the art of negotiations. This was a natural stepping stone into Real Estate. I have been a Broker with Windermere Peninsula Properties for nearly 15 years and have been quite successful. Buff had assisted me in past transactions which has led her to this next venture of our lives (Real Estate Partners), as she has completed her Real Estate Studies and is now licensed. Partners in life and partners in business.

While Hood Canal holds a special place in our hearts, our town and surrounding areas do as well. The relationships with our clients are lasting and the feeling of providing them with outstanding service in selling or finding just that "perfect" property is very rewarding!!

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Contacts - Belfair Office
   ● Brian's Cell: (253) 549—6436
   ● Buff's Cell & Text: (360) 731-1396
   ● Email: BBMC@windermere.com

Cheri Gale
Cheral Jones - Broker

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Cell: (360) 490-1042
   ● Email: cheraljones@windermere.com

Cheri Gale
Cheri Gale - Broker

Hello, I am Cheri Gale. I was born and raised in this beautiful community. Why choose me as your real estate professional? I bring extensive knowledge of the area, years of real estate experience and connections for my clients. A winning combination providing you, the client, the best representation possible. I am dedicated to providing personalized service with a teamwork approach to help accomplish your real estate goals with ease.

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Cell: (360) 319-4669
   ● Email: Cheri Gale

Dinah Lee Griffey - Managing Broker

As a Managing Broker with Windermere my goal is to help my clients reach theirs. I have bought and sold homes before I ever decided to go into real estate, and I can't say that I had wonderful experiences.

I wanted to offer services that I knew were expected and valued. Answering my phone when clients call, keeping in touch even if I do not have any new information, and listening. My phone is always on alert so I can respond to texts, e-mails or a call.

Buying or Selling real estate is one of the biggest moves you will ever make in your life...Literally. So you should have a partner in your transaction. That is why it is not only my goal it is how I do business and I would not have it any other way.

Specialties:I love marketing. I work with buyers and sellers and I love being a match maker. But I have to say assisting my sellers in finding the buyer for their home is my specialty. I am well acquainted with the latest and greatest web marketing. I enjoy holding open houses and promoting properties.

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Cell: (360) 551-8888
   ● Email: Griffey@Windermere.com

Houston M. Hamilton - Broker

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, you’ve come to the right spot. Whatever your real estate needs, I can help you reach your goals with confidence. While visiting my website, you can access the most current real estate data and search for homes throughout the Western U.S. and when the time is right, feel free to contact me so that I can put the power of Windermere to work for you.

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Contacts - Belfair Office
   ● Cell & Text: (360) 842-6829
   ● Email: jasoni@windermere.com

Jason Ilarraza - Broker

Jason Ilarraza currently serves as a Business and Technical Manager for Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific. Implanted to Washington in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, to serve aboard Naval Base Bangor. Attained a B.A. in Organization Leadership from Chapman University in 2006 followed by an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the Naval Post Graduate School in 2013. Passionate about being engaged in the community, and serving others, volunteers as President of the Allyn Community Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of North Mason Resources, Member of Marine Corps League Detachment 531, Ambassador for the Kitsap and North Mason County Toys for Tots Campaign, founded Alpha Personal Protection Services (APPS LLC) in 2015; a team of professional dedicated to providing members of our community with self defense programs. Jason enjoys exploring all the natural treasures the Pacific Northwest has to offer with his family and friends.

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Contacts - Belfair Office
   ● Cell & Text: (360) 842-6829
   ● Email: jasoni@windermere.com

Jessie Spaulding - Broker

My priority is YOU!

I have worked in the customer service industry since a teenager which has made me extremely successful in fulfilling my clients expectations of top notch service as well as being able to problem solve through the many challenges that arise in today’s world of real estate.

It is extremely important to have someone who has the knowledge, capability and expertise to be able accomplish this. I am just that person to help you achieve your real estate goals! I want to make your transaction as stress free as possible and gain your loyalty and trust not only throughout the transaction, but beyond yours and your family and friend’s needs.

Having been raised in the area and raised my family locally as well, has given me a huge and vast insight to the many beautiful areas in and around Mason and Kitsap County.

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Contacts - Belfair Office
   ● Cell & Text: (360) 434-2454
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Keith Chamberlain - Broker

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Cell: (360) 271-1551
   ● Email: KChamberlain@windermere.com

Kristian Schonberg - Broker

Real Estate Practitioner - An agent specializing in bank owned properties, waterfront properties and vacant land on the Peninsula covering Kitsap, Mason, and western Pierce County. A Washington state resident for life with 24 years in Mason County, I am a Negotiator, a communicator, a marketing specialist, a planner & very detail oriented. After spending 36 years as a commercial fisherman, mostly in Alaskan waters, I am now working as a real estate agent in the Hood Canal and Case Inlet area. I have owned waterfront properties in Puget Sound most of my life and know the difficulties in successfully marketing these homes and land. From me you will get the best investment property available.
Waterfront Land Professional - Do you know what rules apply to your waterfront property? My continuing education includes courses on wetlands, waterfront buffers and bulkheads, engineering studies, and other considerations for waterfront property owners.
Community oriented - The North Mason schools are great! How do I know? My children have attended them and I have worked in all of them as a substitute teacher. The students have a wonderful environment to learn how to apply themselves, how to get along with others, and how to read, write, spell, and do math. As a deacon in our community church, I enjoy all the social activities and sing in the choir.
Investment properties and past education - Foreclosures and bank owned properties offer excellent investment opportunities now. My services provide access to you about those listed and those up for auction. With two degrees from the University of Washington (Biological Oceanography and German), I qualify as a scientist which helps in working with the state and county. During my college career, I was on the 1977-8 varsity rowing team which won national championships and the Grand Challenge and Visitor's Cups in Henley, England under Coach Dick Erickson. Then, in 1980, I was chosen to be the head men's rowing coach at Seattle Pacific University. We had a successful season.

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Lori Anderson / Emily Anderson-Addis - Broker


We are 3rd and 4th generation residents of Mason & Kitsap Counties on the Olympic Peninsula. We are both very thankful to have had the opportunity to grow up in this community and are very passionate and knowledgeable about where we live. Both born, raised and currently living in Allyn, Grapeview & Belfair, we know Mason County, Kitsap County and surrounding areas better than most!

We are a Mother/Daughter team in our professional career and in life. Together we are “THE POWER OF 2.” This tag explains our career and relationship perfectly. We are both very much “Type A” personalities, however, we have a very different set of specialties that complement each other impeccably. Emily, is very organized, ambitious, focused and concerned with time management. Therefore, she handles all the paperwork, emails, deadlines and record keeping. She personally sees every transaction to a SUCCESSFUL CLOSING! Each transaction takes dedication and perseverance, and she’s got it! Lori (mom), is the “Social Butterfly”, which if you know her, is an understatement. Her social sphere, local network and global connections are more extensive than most could ever imagine. She has worked in customer service her entire life and will bend over backwards to provide you with the best service imaginable. Whether you are a buyer, seller or friend of Lori’s you will be treated with the same amount of effort, passion and dedication to ensure you are provided with the best, 24/7… literally. She is also the problem solver. She will use each and every reference in her sphere until we have a solution or an answer. Your success is our success.

We are DOUBLE the KNOWLEDGE, 2 TIMES the CONNECTION & TWICE the TIME. We should really be the “Power of 3,” as we have Windermere on our team as well. Windermere provides us with the highest quality tools, references, training and assistance to provide you with the highest quality of service throughout each phase of Real Estate. Let the “Power of 2” and the Power of Windermere work for you!!!

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Lori Cell: (360) 509-5685
   ● Emily Cell: (360) 265-5800

   ● Lori's Email: LoriAnderson@windermere.com
   ● Emely's Email: EmAnderson@windermere.com

Mike Mostyn - Broker/Waterfront Specialist

Hi! I’m Mike, an experienced Hood Canal / Grapeview / Pickering Passage broker with a marketing & advertising degree, steeped in photo journalism and 30 years of computer experience I use to help my clients. MY SECRET - #CastingAWiderNet. The MLS alone is not robust enough to sell South Sound waterfront property. WHY? Because we compete with all Puget Sound beaches, I build single-property websites, show more pictures, drone videos and support it with social & mobile blogs - It's the way real estate is sold. Compare 2018 waterfront sales data at WWW.BelfairWindermere.com

Buying A Home - I was brought up on the Peninsula, live on Pickering Passage, hike, fish and love boating these waters. I have access to tools to make everyone a better buyer. Remember - If your Realtor listens, has nagotiation skills and acts exclusively in your interests, you save money. Write me at Mostyn@Windermere.com and let's talk.

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Robert Cook - Broker

Hi. I’m Robert, a hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced real estate Broker/Realtor serving clients in the Hood Canal, Case Inlet, Lakeland Village and greater Mason/Benson Lakes area! If you need any type of assistance in buying and selling real estate, or just want to know what your home or land is worth, please consult me for solid, up to date information based on my experience and expertise, especially when it comes to waterfront! I have helped a variety of clients buy and sell homes and vacant land ranging from $40,000 to $584,000. Every transaction deserves utmost attention, skill and priority. My goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver quality real estate services as expediently as possible. And when it comes to preparing purchase and sale documents and negotiating transactions, my 25+ years previously working as a Litigation Paralegal helps me with attention to detail, and getting to a mutually agreeable result for all parties involved. I would also like to point out that I am very involved in the community and currently serve on the Board of the Mason County Association of Realtors, and I am Vice President and Board Member of the Paradise Estates Association. Also, I am Co-Chair of the Quality of Life/Political Activities Committee.

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Cell: (206) 713-6014
   ● Email: RobertCook@windermere.com

Stacey Kronquist - Broker

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Contacts - Allyn Office
   ● Cell & Text: <360) 204-9199

   ● Email: SKronquist@windermere.com

Valerie Spauling - Managing Broker

My Success is YOUR SUCCESS...Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest and most important transactions you will make in your life. Why trust that transaction to just anyone? As a local realtor for Hood Canal, Allyn, Belfair, Grapeview and the Shelton area, I will commit 100% to you. I have been in the real estate business and worked with Windermere Real Estate for 15 years.! I have been very successful in my career, paying attention to details, a strong negotiator, and a strong listing and buying broker. My success is due to my knowledge, professionalism and more importantly, my commitment to my clients and work ethics. Having worked in a small town bank in Allyn, WA previously for 8 years, gave me the experience and knowledge of the importance of focusing on my clients needs and services along with the highest of standards of work ethics for myself. Truly “listening” to a client’s needs, wants and their goals’ is very important in the real estate industry. Along with the listening skills, the knowledge that I have to offer allows me to focus on my clients and achieve those goals and offer solutions to their real estate problems and help you benefit from the changes in the market. It is important for my clients – all of my clients – to realize and know that my success is based on their success; I do not make any money if I am not successful in achieving my clients goals, whether it be buying or selling their homes; therefore, our relationship is truly a working partnership setup to reach and achieve success for myself as well as my clients.

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